Saturday, April 10, 2010

My little tablescape

I kinda got tired of just having a plain ol' dining room table. It is a pretty small table but there is only 2 of us in the house so it is perfect for us.

It is not much, and I just used what I had on hand but I like it.
I am going to add some candles to it as soon as I get some.

Sweet & Simple.
Just how I like things.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding update

Lots of wedding related things have been going on in the past month.

I got my dress & I love it!!!! I plan on doing a whole separate post on that later.

I got some new invitations. I am still going to be using the other ones that I purchased. The new ones are pocket-fold ones and will have info on hotels and directions for all the out of town people.

I got some wooden letters that spell out I DO. I painted them a nice brown color and I am putting small little rhinestones on them. I only got the 'I' done before I ran out of rhinestones, but they are way cute. I will post pictures when I am completely finished with them.

I got some boxes that say Mr. one some and Mrs. on the others to use for putting the bridal party gifts in. Pictures on those to come later too.

I also got 4 little 'unfinished' topiary trees to use for table decorations at the reception. They are made out of paper mache and I plan on turning them into really pretty rose topiary.

When all of my projects are done I will most definitely post pictures of everything.

The big day is almost 7 months away. Time is going by sooo fast. AHHHHH