Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bird Watching

We like to watch the birds in the backyard & today I decided to snap a few pics.
We have a bird feeder that we fill up with wild bird seed about every 2 days and we get a TON of birds coming to it. It is pretty interesting all the different types we get.
Enjoy the pics :-)

Of course Mika has to watch too....

Shooter & Sammy have to watch from inside. Lets just say they have had a few 'run ins' with quite a few birds....

Josh decided to pour out was left in the bag all over the ground lol
I bought a 10lb bag 2 days ago and now it is completely gone..
These birds are PIGS.
Hope you enjoyed the few pics. I hope to post more of them often

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some wedding 'things'

I wanted to post some pics of a few wedding things so here goes..

This is a pic of my wedding band from the website. I love the pincess cut diamonds that are in it.

This is a pic of my engagement ring & the wedding band together. I really like how they look together. Josh did good :-)

I changed my invites to these ones from Joanns. I really like how simple they are yet they still look really nice.

I REALLY like how this card box turned out. The only thing I have to do to it is fasten the ribbon to the box and make a little card sign.

Well that is all the pics I have for now. More to come later :-)