Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring time

I really enjoy Spring out here in AZ. I think it is the best weather AZ has to offer.

I have been in the mood to get some Spring items up in the house but I did not have any.

I went to the oh so wonderful Dollar Tree and found what I was looking for and more( isn't that how it always is there?)

This cute little flower was made with all things from the Dollar Tree.

I went back there the other day and bought 7 packs of the little clay pots. They come three in a pack for $1. No idea why I bought 7 of them but I am sure I will find a use for them :-)

This is pretty much a random post, but that's how I roll.


  1. That's so pretty. I went to the Dollar Store just yesterday. I was looking for some shower curtains to use to line a flower bed that I'm going to fill with rocks in an attempt to be green and I found some beautiful bunches of daisies that I'm going to plant into some plastic flower pots I have and put on top of the rocks. The daisies are hot pink, pale pink and yellow and are now in a basket on my kitchen table and I don't know...I'm tempted to leave them right there.

  2. Oh, and I was just in AZ a few weeks ago. I posted several pictures and still have more to post. I love Arizona skies and the desert..omgosh! I guess you can take a girl out of Arizona but you can't take the Arizona out of the girl :-))

  3. you should definitely use them as decorations or placeholders at a bbq or dinner party. they're cute! stopping by from the happy mail intro post, hope you have a great day!

  4. Very cute!!!

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  5. I came over from Happy Mail and wanted to say hey so glad I did you have the cutest blog ever!!!


    I love the Dollar Tree