Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bird Watching

We like to watch the birds in the backyard & today I decided to snap a few pics.
We have a bird feeder that we fill up with wild bird seed about every 2 days and we get a TON of birds coming to it. It is pretty interesting all the different types we get.
Enjoy the pics :-)

Of course Mika has to watch too....

Shooter & Sammy have to watch from inside. Lets just say they have had a few 'run ins' with quite a few birds....

Josh decided to pour out was left in the bag all over the ground lol
I bought a 10lb bag 2 days ago and now it is completely gone..
These birds are PIGS.
Hope you enjoyed the few pics. I hope to post more of them often


  1. Your pups are soo cute!
    I was soo excited that you posted bird pictures!!!! I am a HUGE bird watcher and I have feeders outside my craft room in my back yard. If you go thru some of my older posts on my blog you will see some of my birdie visitors! The birds in the last picture are some of my favorites! They are mourning doves and they have the most amazing call, it almost sounds like an owl!
    : )

  2. How funny! I just posted the birds at my feeder this week on my blog too! I have a backyard fountain and also live in a community with three lakes surrounding the homes so you can imagine the birdies that come to visit. I loved yours too! Stop by and visit me at to see my birdies too. :)