Friday, July 9, 2010

A whole bunch of randomness

Ahhhh where to even begin???
I have been pretty bust just doing a whole bunch of random things.

1. Got my wedding shoes. They are actually platform flip flops, about 1.5" thick. They are white and have some sequins on them. I like them and I do not care if one person has anything negative to say about me wearing flip flops with my wedding dress haha! They way I see it I wanna be comfortable through the whole entire thing and not have to change shoes so there ya go!

2. I have about 67589476894576 things left to do for the wedding and we are now officially under 4 months until the big day.

3. I went to Cali in June to see my Sister graduate high school. It was a lot of fun.

4. Josh and I went to help out these people that rescue dogs. It was super duper hot out. They had over 100 dogs there. They were so well taken care of it amazed me. It was really hard to not bring them ALL home.

5. We have found like over 5 scorpions in or around our house this year. GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Yeah I hate bugs. We have also had these big huge ugly carpenter worms. You would think we lived in some kind of dirty nasty house with all the bugs we find but we really don't, promise! We also have a bug guy that comes once a month so ummmmm what is he spraying when he sprays inside and outside...bug food...water??? Need to talk with that man..

6.I have discovered a super yummy delish recipe for fried chicken. Josh said it has a better flavor to it then the big name chicken places out there. He might be lying to my but I will take it! Let me know if you want the recipe!

7. We are really starting to look into places to move to in the future. Amarillo, Texas is number one on the list right now. We both LOVE it there so much. We are actually going there after the wedding, with our dogs hahha.

8. I had this weird gross ugly nasty thing growing on my toe. It was seriously huge, looked like a ugly potato and was the size of a grape. I got it removed and turns out it was a non cancerous tumor. Thank God it is gone!

9. I am really having a lot of fun with Happy Mail. I have met some really awesome people. One in particular makes it all worth it. :-)

10. I am listening to Christmas music as I type this. I have been listening to it for a little over a week now. Don't judge.

Well that is my randomness updated facts for now.

Hope everyone has a good day & stays cool ( seems like most places are super duper hot)

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  1. I love that you are listening to Christmas music! I do that all the time! I love it soo much! I like to listen to it sometimes when i'm sewing! I have something cute and Christmasy coming your way soon! I love the flip flop idea! It's YOUR wedding, if someone doesn't like it they can just get over it! I would definitely love the recipe for your chicken! Yummy! My man is a big chicken fan! If you move to Texas you will be closer! hehe! We are gonna have to meet one day and hang out!I'm glad your toe is feeling better! And yay for Happy Mail! I am soo glad we were matched up back in May! Okay...I think this is my longest comment on any blog ever! hehe! *hugs* : )