Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Alright so about 3 weeks ago I was cooking some raviolli for dinner.
It came time for me to drain the ravioli so I grabbed the pot and proceeded to take it over to the sink to empty it out.

As I was pouring the STUPID pot I spilled the BOILING HOT water all over my stomach.
It hurt sooooo bad. I could feel my skin boiling, burning, etc.
I automatically lifted my shirt off my stomach (which I later learned I should have just left it there) and I saw the huge skin thing hangin off my belly.

It looked like a huge blister just had popped. If I left my shirt alone it would have formed a blister. I mean really though, who would just leave something on themselves that is causing them pain...My first reaction was to get the stupid thing off.

Over the next few days it really started to look...gross.....I am pretty sure it was infected at one point or another because I saw....stuff....coming from it...yuck!
So after we got our taxes done we figured we would pop on over to the urgent care that is about 1.5 miles from our house. We could not find it, so we went home. Apparently it closed.

So I have just been putting antibiotic ointment on it constantly and keeping it covered at night. It is slowly starting to heal. it itches a lot on the outside of the burn.

I am taking a antibiotic, oh but its not for my's for THE STUPID FINGER INFECTION I GOT ( look up paronychia).

So I just wanted to post about this because I am pretty sure my husband is tired of hearing me complain about either my burn hurting/itching and my finger being so swollen I could barely bend it.

-end rant

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  1. OUCH!!!! I can't even imgaine how bad that hurt! I hope it is feeling better!!