Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun Finds

I did not actually purchase these things this week, I got them about 2 weeks ago I just never posted about it. Again sorry about the horrible quality of the pictures. I should get the new usb cord for my camera any day now. Until then just gotta deal with crappy cell phone pictures. Onto the goodies....

The little snowman candy dish was orig. $2.99 but I got it for 99 cents at Savers since it was a "blue tag" day. I think it is very cute and will probably put some Christmas colored candy in it. I got the little silver plate thingy? for 99 cents as well and cleaned it up and used spray paint chalk on it. It was actually my first spray paint chalk project. Did not turn out too horrible. I got the wood with 3 hooks for $1. I am going to use chalkboard spray paint on that too. Probably use it for dog leashes since we have about 5738579237 dogs, give or take a few.
These 2 things I did not spend a dime on, so to me that is pretty thrifty. Josh's mom gave them to me! They are from Candlelite and I have seen them on Ebay for around $50. People that are into the Candlelite stuff tell me they are pretty expensive pieces. I love them and when she gave them to me I was so happy. To me it does not get much better then that! So for a total of $2.98 I made out! Till next time....
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P.S. The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.


  1. Hi, Brittany, I'm so glad you joined my party & left a note so I could come over and meet you too. Great job on the finds & please come back often!

  2. When I saw the wood with 3 hooks, a light bulb went off, and now I want one! I would paint it white and stencil my initials on it.

  3. Great finds! I love the wood with the hooks, I've been looking for something similar to hold keys.

  4. Love the finds! The candle and voltive holders are fabulous!


  5. Hello Brittany - love all your finds! Especially the pretty candle holders. Thank you for sharing!