Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned 24. I still feel like I am 18.
I had a good day today. Did not really do much but it was a relaxing day. I got money from Josh and my family, can we say shopping time? For a change Josh is going to make dinner tonight. My gourmet meal is going to be cheeseburgers and chips. :-)
I am very thankful that he is cooking tonight. He offered to take me out to dinner but I would rather just stay home and relax. I got a phone call or 2 from people wishing me a happy birthday but I communicated with most people today by text messaging. I think that works best for my family since everyone is always on the go. Oh well at least I talked to them somehow right?
Tomorrow Josh has to get up pretty early and drive to Vegas to pick up his aunts. It is about a 5 hour drive from here so he is just going to pick them up and then turn around and drive back home. This means I get the day to myself. I am going to clean out the kitchen and organize the cupboards and all that fun stuff. I am probably going to work on a project or 2 also.
How many of you have already started planning for Christmas? I know I have. I ordered my Christmas address labels and have my cards already. I have been buying some fabric when it has been on sale since I am going to be making a few quilts for Christmas. Ummmm, I have also listened to a few Christmas songs, okay it is more then a few it is A LOT. I can't help it though. Go ahead and laugh and me and call me crazy, I can handle it.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I appreciate it.
Till next time.....
P.S. The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune.


  1. Glad you had such a nice day! My daughter turns 26 tomorrow. I know so many August birthdays. Have a good day tomorrow, too!


  2. Oh Happy belated birthday! Oh to be 24 again ;) I'm so glad you enjoyed your day!

    Stay sweet,

  3. Brittany, Happy Belated Birthday. Glad you had a nice day. Blessings,