Sunday, August 2, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

This will be my second time participating in Metamorphosis Monday . You should go check out all the neat things people have 'morphed'. They really do an amazing job!

I have a few things that I have made into something other then what they originally were. Nothing major but I had fun doing it. They were also very cheap to do.

These 3 frames were $1. I used scrapbook paper for the background. I am going to put a dried Daisy in the 2 that do not have anything in them yet. Total for all three is $3. Not a bad cheap little project, in my opinion at least.

Don't mind my dog. She is very nosey and would not move. I got the vase for 50 cents. It had stickers on some parts of it but I took them off and cleaned it. You will see below what I did with it.

I added some of these, which were $1.....

These were $1 too....

And I put it together like this. I don't think it came out too bad. It sits on top of a high top table in my kitchen.

I made one for the bathroom too. The rocks were $1 and the flowers were a big bunch with the ones above. I think this vase was $1 at the Dollar Tree. It adds a nice little touch to the bathroom.
I had fun making all of these. And for the few dollars I spent I think it was well worth it.


  1. What a neat idea, I loved the dog being in the picture so cute!



  2. Your dog has potential! lol
    No really hes a cutie.

  3. Love the transformation and your lovely floral arrangements. Your doggie is adorable!

    Have a lovely week!


  4. I love what you did, You Go Girl !
    Hugs, Kammy

  5. I love little stones in vases, such great colors and shapes!

  6. So glad you've shared on Met Monday.
    I'm enjoying all the neat ideas that are shared.
    This is my first time to post.
    Blessings from Kansas,

  7. How creative! My dogs have to sniff everything too. And one seems to find her way into all my photos!

  8. I'm giving you your first blog award! Come over and get it! pass it to 6 other blogs you like!

  9. Your frame metamorphasis looks great~ well done.

    Have a blessed day!

  10. Love your projects! They look great.